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Inspirational Quotes About Individuality

Inspiring Quotes About Individuality
Read inspirational quotes about individuality from the more successful men and women of business.

J. Irwin Miller

"While the Organization Men are alike in fearing their boss and in conforming in order to achieve the sales promotion, the entrepreneurs are also conformed by a common fear that someone is going to take something away from them."

"There appear to me to be several reasons why we alternate between love and hate of the organization.  First of all, I seriously doubt that there is any one of us who is really ever entirely sure that he belongs."
"The organization also becomes the middle manager's special enemy, and appears always to be able to deprive him of genuine accomplishment."

"Somewhat more important to the man in the organization that a knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping, or of the ins and outs of corporate politics, is the cultivation of a capacity to feel."

J. Paul Getty

"The conformist is not born.  He is made.  I believe the brainwashing process begins in the schools and colleges.  Many teachers and professors seem hell-bent on imbuing their students with a desire to achieve 'security' above all - and at all costs."

"The nonconformist can wear a green toga instead of a gray-flannel suit and drink yak's milk rather than martinis and none of it will make the slightest difference."

Willard F. Rockwell, Jr.

"Some companies attempt to apply children's techniques of motivation to an adult audience"

B. C. Forbes

"Isn't it true that nine executives of every ten would hesitate, would be almost ashamed, to be seen sitting at a desk apparently completely idle? Has it not become fashionable to appear busy every moment of the day?"

Crawford H. Greenewalt

"Not only the organization, but society itself suffers when people are allowed to sacrifice identity in the damp laundry of mediocrity."

"Organizations are in trouble when success causes them to be so enraptured with their accomplishments that they are moved, like Narcissus, to fashion everything in their own image."

George W. Perkins

"The larger the corporation, the more certain is the office boy to ultimately reach a foremost place if he is made of the right stuff, if he keeps everlastingly at it, and if he is determined to become master of each position he occupies."

"The corporation is with us; it is a condition, not a theory, and there are but two courses open to us - to kill it or to keep it."

"Success does not come by chance.  It is an opportunity that has been lassoed and organized."

Self portrait by Lasse Gjertsen


OK, this video is very ego, sorry about that! My dad suggested to upload it, and I though, what the hell.. The language is norwegian, but I did my best to subtitle it in english. If you hear the word "tits-machine", don't worry, it means "time machine" in norwegian, lol!

This video was my interpretation of the admission assignment for an animation school in Norway, which was to make a "self portrait in any technique". I was studying in England at the time (Spring 2005), but wasn't satisfied with that school, and wanted to try another place.  I got in! "

Lasse Gjertsen