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Inspirational Quotes About Leadership

Inspiring Quotes About Leadership
Read inspirational quotes about leadership from some of the most successful men and women of business.

T. Boone Pickens

"Leadership is the quality that transforms good intentions into positive action; it turns a group of individuals into a team."

"Concentrate on the goals, not the size of the organization.  You can't measure a place by size unless it's a football stadium."

"Some people are not comfortable in a fast moving operation.  They want more time to think or maybe procrastinate.  It won't work here.  You have to think fast and not let the decisions stack up."

"Corporations were never set up to meet all the needs of their employees or management - they were set up to make money.  That is their primary objective and it should also be the objective of management."

John F. Welch, Jr.

"People like the status quo.  They like the way it was. When you start changing things, the good old days look better and better"

"You've got to be hard to be soft.  You have to demonstrate the ability to make the hard, tough decisions - closing plants, divesting, delayering - if you want to have any credibility when you try to promote soft values."

"I've  made my share of mistakes - plenty of them - but my biggest mistake by far was not moving faster: Pulling off an old Band-Aid one hair at a time hurts a lot more than a sudden yank."

Owen D. Young

"It is not helpful to get the business cycle out of perspective.  It is not a tangible thing, like a big truck going down the road.  We cannot hitch our sleds to it."

"We are never helpless before business conditions.  The cycle is a combination of two curves - the great major; economic swing, and the minor; human fluctuation.  The big swing is absolutely impersonal; the little swing is absolutely personal."

Richard W. Sears

"Many a hundred-dollar man remains a fifteen dollar subordinate because he is not given any latitude and is not allowed to develop."

"No man can learn to be a "crack shot" unless he wastes some ammunition.  The employer should stand the expense of the experiments made by a new man who shows ability; it will pay in the long run."

"The surest way to gain the unswerving loyalty of employees is to show them from the start that they will be allowed to make the most of themselves.  A man wants to stay with the firm with which he can reach his greatest efficiency."

"Too many instructions to employees are often fatal.  Don't be too specific; such an attitude makes a man into a machine."

Marvin Bower

"A business leader must have a good but not necessarily brilliant mind [and] reasonable degrees of imagination, initiative, and sustained drive."

"In deciding to systematize the business, the executive makes two commitments to himself: first, to maintain the will to manage; second, to devote much of his time to building, maintaining, articulating, and supporting the system and to making it effective in action."

"Ideas are one of the few ways to gain a real competitive advantage, but the top-management executive need not furnish the ideas himself."

"The best way to kill a management system is to violate it.  The second best way is to ignore it."

David Ogilvy

"Great leaders almost always exude self confidence.  They are never petty.  They are never buck-passers.  They pick themselves up after defeat"

"Great leaders are always fanatically committed to their jobs.  They do on suffer from the crippling need to be universally loved."

Business and Tribal Leadership


At TEDxUSC, business professor David Logan talks about the five kinds of tribes that humans naturally form -- in schools, workplaces, even the driver's license bureau. By understanding our shared tribal tendencies, we can help lead each other to become better individuals."

David Logan