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Inspirational Quotes About Sales

Inspiring Quotes About Selling Skills
Read inspirational quotes about Selling Skills from the more successful men and women of business.

Thomas J. Watson

"The 'yes but' is one of the most frequent killers of sales. Argument creeps in, and this serves no good purpose in selling. It takes two people to make an argument, and the salesman should never be one of them."

"When your company sets quotas, set yourself a still bigger quota.  Always assume they have set their estimates of the business in your district too low."

"Goods in any storehouse are useless until somebody takes them out and put them to the use they were meant for:  That applies to what man stores away to his brain, too."

"Don't try to build a personality to fit some preconceived idea you may have of what a salesman ought to be.  Just get into an office or store or home and try to sell with sincerity."

Alfred E. Lyon

"Give the customer dividends which he didn't figure on, and you have a friend for life"

"A good salesman is a good actor.  He has to be in order to know what his 'audience' wants, and when he wants it."

"Devotion of any kind produces a zealousness in a person, a kind of fervency.  This is what drives our salesmen."

Julius Fleischmann

"It is primarily service that we are selling, rather than merchandise, for if the service failed, shortly no one would buy the merchandise."

Robert W. Woodruff

"The real salesman must sell something of himself with each sale"

"A young man or woman seriously considering selling as a career must, first of all, have a genuine interest in other people, their problems, their aspirations and needs."

"No sale is a success unless the buyer finds out later that he has bought a good product, and that the salesman is genuinely interested in him and his enterprise."

"The salesman is usually a resilient man, perhaps because he must be.  He frequently encounters the word "no." He is no stranger to resistance."

Milton S. Florsheim

"We always insisted that our business be conducted in such a way in every contact as to minimize the number and ill-effect of enemies."

"Whether it be a question of sales, returned goods, or collections, a customer's friendship is far more vital and necessary than getting his dollar today."

"A kindly word rather than a brutal fist obtains the same results without creating antagonism, disrespect, and disintegration of the organization."

John J. Johnson

"You don't have to compromise your integrity to sell.  You simply have to find and emphasize the things that unite you instead of the things that divide you."

Joseph Pine: What do Consumers Really Want?


Customers want to feel what they buy is authentic, but "Mass Customization" author Joseph Pine says selling authenticity is tough because, well, there's no such thing. He talks about a few experiences that may be artificial but make millions anyway."

Joseph Pine