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Creative Job Search Websites

Arts Gigs

Arts Gigs is run by, Inc. one of the world's largest niche career communities.  They have over 6,000 creative jobs to search from.  Users may post their resume and learn best practices for finding a creative job.

Creative Jobs Central - College Internships, jobs, and more.

Creative Jobs Central

A dedicated job database for college students seeking creative jobs.  Creative Jobs Central was originally geared toward New York college students looking for internships.  Their goal is helping creative professionals find success.

Krop Creative Job Search


Krop is a job board and creative career search engine for creative professionals looking for a career.  Users are able to post online portfolios for everyone to see.  Krop then does a great job of helping creatives promote their work.



Aquent seeks to place the most skilled, specialized, highly motivated marketers and designers in the world in with challenging jobs that will inspire productive partnerships. They work both w/ companies and creative professionals seeking jobs.

New Media Job Search

Creative Heads

Creative Heads is a large creative job search engine that focuses on finding creative professionals jobs in the Video Game, Animation, VFX, Software Tools, TV & Film, 3D Technology and other Technology related industries.

Artisan Creative Recruitment and Staffing


Artisan is a creative recruitment company bringing together a network of designers, developers, account managers and production artists to provide companies with temporary staffing, fulltime recruitment and project management solutions.

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