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Creative Job Search Websites

Directory of Creative job search websites and job search engines.
Look through our list of creative job search websites or refine your search by selecting a category below.

12 creative job search websites to choose from offering different services to help you find the best creative job.  Use job tools specific for finding creative jobs and attract potential employers in the creative industry.  Create profiles, post your creative portfolio and resume on many of the creative job search websites listed here. 

Advice: One of the most important things a prospecting creative professional can do is make sure his/her work is searchable by potential employers.  These sites will help you do just that!

Truth in Advertising (Spoof)

Creative Hot List

Creative Hotlist

More than just a creative job search website, Creative Hotlist allows users to find other "creatives" and companies, post portfolios, and search creative jobs. Creative companies can post job openings and manage a hiring search.



Coroflot has the largest "pool of professional creative portfolios in the world." Coroflot's job board is the largest, most active creative job search engine targeting designers and other top creative professionals.

Art Jobs Online

Art Job Online

Art Job Online is a small membership based creative job search website with a very targeted audience. They currently offer over 500 art jobs to choose from. Applicants can search by region, art discipline, type of organization, and more.

i Creative Staffing

i Creatives

I Creatives is a staffing agency for creative professionals with a creative job search engine. They have been in the creative industry for over 20 years, helping advertising agencies, design firms and corporate marketing departments.

Creative Movers Staffing

Creative Movers

Creative Movers specialty is creative recruitment for creative jobs. They focus on recruiting creative professionals and placing them in the marketing and advertising industry. Creative Movers works with both applicants and agencies.

Tallent Zoo Creative Job Search Website

Talent Zoo

Tallent Zoo's job search engine is broken into 5 categories: All Jobs, Advertising Jobs, Marketing Jobs, Media Jobs, and Digital Jobs. A great resource for creative professionals seeking a job. Also view their Salary Monitor.

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