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Terms of Use Agreement "The Legal Stuff"

The advice found on perfectcoverletter.com is freely supplied as well as freely received.  It is just that.  Advice.  If you happen to find spelling errors or grammatical discrepancies it is probably due to the fact that I spell like a fifth grader and have never attended a formal university. I do not express any formal

or informal guarantees that by following the advice found on perfectcoverletter.com you will be granted employment or achieve success.

My goal is simple. I want to provide a free resource for individuals out of work and currently seeking employment, a more efficient way of finding a job. I too have experienced firsthand what it means to be unemployed. I can relate to a staple diet of Ramen noodles and butter pasta as well as defaulting on my loans - credit cards, car, etc.

I have found with much determination and patience anything is possible. Remain motivated in your search by defying all doubt and refrain from setting limitations on yourself. Your job search will eventually come to an end.

If you find aperfectcoverletter.com to be helpful please do not hesitate to send me feedback or a testimonial. Also, if you have a success story as a result of perfectcoverletter.com feel free to send it my way. I would be more than happy to post encouraging results for others to see.

Joe Kiske

Cheers to finding a better job!


"The humble action of patience held together by confident determination, often delivers opportunities greater than previously expected. Not to mention, in the unlikeliest of places."

Joe Kiske - SEO & Design Specialist