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Job Interview Tips

Article Download IconBe Yourself & Love the Skin You're In
Remain relaxed knowing you are confidently qualified for the position you are applying for

It is never a good idea to communicate to a potential employer that you are something you're not. Have integrity because the first impression during an interview is all you've got. If the hiring authority sitting across the desk gets wind of you being untruthful, your chances may be shot.

Nevertheless, nervousness is a natural feeling when negotiating a potential life changing event but, if you remain true to yourself, more than likely things will go well. Now, imagine that the hiring manager is a friend of yours. Given the current situation, if you were being interviewed by a good friend; how would you feel?

Your demeanor would more than likely be relaxed, allowing you to comfortably answer any question with confidence. You can apply this scenario when dealing with any interview situation. Remember they too were in your position at one time or another. Even though they currently hold the authority of recommending you for hire or not, there is no need to be fearful when "your friend" is sitting across the desk.

An employer is looking to find someone that will fit in with their organization's culture. During the interview be respectful and honest. Let your personality show through your answers and conversation with the hiring manager. Even as the interviewer wants to be sure there is a fit, you should also ask yourself; is this company and the people I've encountered thus far a fit for me?

Again be true to yourself, have integrity, and give your all! If the job is right for you, your qualifications will show supreme and everything will work out as it should.

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