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Job Interview Tips

Article Download IconFollow Up Your Interview with a Thank You
Would you send a thank you letter for receiving $1000; why not for a potential job opportunity?

Show your appreciation after an interview by following up with a thank you letter. The follow up doesn't necessarily need to be in the form of a "thank you letter," rather a follow up call is acceptable as well. Beyond offering the simple common courtesy of a thank you, the follow up is another strategic resource to help you get a job.

Following up after the interview can be very beneficial. First it conveys sincerity. You are able express and acknowledge the value of time the company invested simply to interview you. Thanking the interviewer with a follow up also puts you a step ahead of many applicants who will fail to do so.

By including a sentence or two that specifically refers to a unique event during your interview shows that you have the ability to listen. You may even want to make reference to something you have in common with the person who interviewed you. This is the currently the most important individual in the application process. Getting them to like you is paramount!

Finally you'll want to eliminate any areas that may have been of concern. This consist of questions the interviewer might have about your ability to perform any required job related task. End the follow up letter or call by thanking them again for the opportunity and mention how excited you are about the possibility of working with their organization.

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