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Job Interview Tips

Article Download IconTop 8 Interview Preparation Tips
Preparing for your job interview is just as important as the time invested perfecting your resume

Now is your chance to shine! You've been called in to meet face-to-face and are wondering the best ways to be prepared for an interview. Don't lose focus out of excitement; you haven't secured the job yet. Keep in mind that there are other applicants preparing for the very same job interview.

Competition, competition... You want to stand out from the rest of the applicants by confidently showing the hiring manager you did your homework and prepared for the interview. Now for the Top 8 Interview Preparation Tips:

1. Do Your Due Diligence

Don't get caught off guard by being unable to adequately answer a question from the interviewer. Spend at least an hour researching the company you are interviewing for so you can confidently represent the knowledge you've learned about their organization. This will greatly increase your creditability with the interviewer and prepare you to formulate questions that may arise during the interview.

Job Interview Tips: An applicant that is uneducated on the company they are interviewing for will most likely lose their chances of landing the job.

2. Know the Location of Your Interview

This may sound crazy but, people often forget to review the directions to their job interview. Failing to know where you are going could make you late for the interview thus lessening your chances of getting the job.

Job Interview Tips: Bring the name of the Company and Interviewer with you including their phone number and address. If you have a GPS be sure to enter in their address. If you don't have access to one you can always print out directions on Google Maps, MapQuest, and Bing Maps.

3. Roll Play before Your Interview

Rehearse the direction of the interview in your head. Another effective option is to stand in front of a mirror and act out how you think the interview might go. This gives you a leg up before the interview by helping to build self confidence. Try to think of questions the interviewer might ask you, and then formulate the most sufficient answers. Roll play aloud the possible outcome. Roll playing will allow you to form a better plan of action and even develop a list of intelligent questions to ask.

Job Interview Tips: Psychically acting out the perceived interview beforehand should help you sound more natural during the actual interview.

4. Dress the Part

Take into account the job you are interview for. Are you applying for an introductory position, management, senior level management, etc? You wouldn't wear a three piece suit if you plan on becoming a server at a local restaurant or cashier for a retail chain. Know the industry your job interview is for.

Job Interview Tips: You might want to politely call in and ask the receptionist or main office: what interview attire is preferred?. This will give you a "for sure" answer of what to wear.

5. Show Up Early - Be Punctual

An employer want to know that their employees are organized enough to show up on time. The cliché "Time is Money" is extremely true with most businesses. Showing up late for an interview tells the interviewer that there time is not valuable enough for you to respect it. This may be detrimental and often ensures that you will not get the job.

6. Bring All Necessary Documentation

First and foremost, do NOT forget to bring additional copies of your cover letter and resume (this includes references from at least three key people)! You should have all personal (and legal) paperwork readily available in either a manila filing folder or leather organizer. This shows the interviewer that you are well organized and prepared for the interview.

Bring a notepad to write on that has all of your interview questions easily accessible. Don't forget your pen or pencil either. It is always a good idea to take notes during any meeting. Jot down personal attributes about the interviewer - general likes and dislikes they may have mentioned. Note questions or fields of importance such as anything they may have emphasized. If asked in for a second interview this information will be invaluable.

Job Interview Tips: Don't leave anything behind that may prevent you from getting the job. If you are hired on the spot, your employer may ask you to supply legal documents such as birth certificate, work visa, driver's license or other legally identifying paperwork. Having this will further cement your organizational skills and preparedness.

7. Prepare an Elevator Pitch

Imagine you are standing in an elevator; the door opens and in walks the owner of the company for where you are applying. This is your one-shot-opportunity to impress him/her enough to land the job. Your time is limited so make every second count. In business it is extremely important to be concise, straight forward and to the point! You now know that that time is money... So prove it!

Come up with [a less than 5 minute] pitch that will confidently convince the hiring authority you are the perfect person for the job! Rely on facts, knowledge, education and experience to best sell yourself.

Job Interview Tips: Knowing how to perfect your Elevator Pitch will help you in the future with just about any mutually beneficial business proposition.

8. Thank You & Follow Up

After the interview it is wise to show your appreciation. This can be accomplished a few different ways. You can choose to email, write, or call the interviewer. Your interactions with the interviewer during the interview may help to determine which method to use. Don't fail to perform a follow up even if you feel uncomfortable doing so.

Reconfirming your interest in the position or excitement about working for the organization will express how determined and committed you are; two great characteristics to have.

Job Interview Tips: Who doesn't like accolades or receiving a letter of thanks? Follow up after the interview by sending a one paragraph email expressing how much you appreciate the potential opportunity. Briefly reaffirm why you are convinced that working for their company will be of mutual benefit. Do so humbly.

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